I spent 5 days wandering through the streets of Oaxaca last April.

I left LA a few hours later than expected due to flight delays and ultimately decided it would be best to just sleep in the Mexico City airport upon arrival rather than in an Airbnb or hotel. I hopped on a 6AM flight from CDMX to OAX and immediately began my search for coffee and breakfast. My pace was non stop. Early mornings and late nights. Lots of coffees, lots of beer, lots of street corns, and of course lots of mole.

I fell in love with mole in Oaxaca. Unfortunately I had the best dinner of the trip on my first night out and thus compared everything else to that one magical experience. The other meals weren’t bad they just weren’t meals from Casa Oaxaca.

The people I met were cool. I got to photograph Altura Nortena, a Mexican band from Oaxaca, and even got a shout out from the MC the large concert where they performed. I hung out in cafes with Mexican grandmas who wanted to make sure I was well fed. I visited the ruins at Monte Alban and even purchased some original artwork from one of the many art galleries in town.

I ate all the foods and drank all the beers. I made friends with some interesting characters in the bars and nightclubs. This short video highlights some of my favorite moments from this experience.

David Andrade